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Texan Boots Sierra Cognac

Available colours
Kali Shoes® boots are high quality handmade products Made in Italy. Shipping times may vary depending on the model, as each pair is made upon order.

The Sierra model by Kali Shoes perfectly blends tradition with modernity, reflecting a timeless aesthetic. With their 7 cm high heels, these boots are a statement of style and assurance, ideal for those who love to stand out. The rounded toe line ensures a comfortable fit, providing well-being even after many hours.

Made from first-grade quality leather, the Sierra boots are embellished with enchanting raised details that wind along the leg, giving them both a sophisticated and bold appearance. The metallic zipper not only makes them easy to wear but also accentuates the strong personality of these boots, adding a chic industrial design element. The embellishments of buckles and metallic rivets enhance the robustness and individuality of the model, encapsulating the strength and determination of the wearer.

Choosing the Sierra boots means embracing a look that draws attention, ideal for the adventurous soul who does not want to give up comfort and style. These boots are not just a fashion accessory, but a true symbol for anyone who wants to walk with confidence and boldness through daily challenges.