Collection: VIvo Kali Shoes®

Vivo collection is a capsule collection born from our community, inspired by your dreams. Using unique materials and adding innovative comfort, we have created models that tell your story and reflect a unique and inimitable style. Wear the essence of exclusivity with Vivo.

Your Voice, Our Design

From our community comes the VIVO collection, a capsule collection inspired by your dreams, creating models that represent a unique and inimitable style. Wear boots that tell your story.

Comfort Redefined

With the VIVO collection, comfort reaches new heights. Thanks to innovative techniques and high-quality materials, such as breathable leather lining and ergonomic soles, each boot is designed to offer absolute pleasure with every step. Discover comfort like never before.

Exclusivity at Your Feet

The VIVO collection is a tribute to our dedication and your creativity, a limited edition capsule collection. Made with new processing techniques for sustainable leather and artisanal details, it offers exclusive models available for a limited time. Wear the essence of exclusivity and style.