Realize Your Vision: Custom Kali Boots

At Kali, we value expressing your own unique style. For this reason, we offer the customization of the boots, allowing you to transform each model into a symbol of personal taste and individuality. Whether you want to stand out, commemorate a significant moment, or have a one-of-a-kind pair, customization is your tool to bring your vision to life.

Celebrate uniqueness, make a difference in the world of fashion.

  • The Excellence of Leather: Variety and Quality

    Our leather collection ranges from classic smooth calfskin to soft nubuck, offering a wide variety of textures and finishes. Each leather is carefully selected to ensure quality and durability, allowing you to choose the perfect material that reflects your style and needs.

  • The Magic of Colors: Suede in Over 250 Shades

    Immerse yourself in a rainbow of possibilities with over 250 suede colors available. From vibrant to subtle, each shade is selected to give you the freedom to express your style in an authentic and unique way

  • Exclusivity at Your Service: Kali Special Leathers

    Our collection of special leathers, such as the exclusive 'stardust', is ideal for those who want an extra touch of originality. These materials selected for their unique textures and striking visual effects, transform each Kali boot into a distinctive piece.

  • Combine Colors and Materials: Show Off Your Unique Creation

    Measure your creativity by choosing from a wide range of exclusive colors and leathers. Be inspired to mix and match until you find the perfect expression of you, creating a pair of boots that not only tell a story but are your story.

Kali Boots: Customize them in 5 Steps

Choose your model

Discover our collection and select your starting model. Each boot is a blank canvas ready for your customization.

Type of leather and colours

Choose from 6 different types of leather, each available in a wide range of colours. Customize your upper for long-lasting comfort and style.

Details make the difference

True refinement lies in the attention to detail. Opt for an embroidered or lasered finish to add character and depth to your boot. Each element is customizable: select the technique you prefer and then decide on the color that best suits your style.

Under every step, a Color that Tells

The sole is the silent signature of each boot, a detail that speaks to the wearer's walk. Choose the tone that reflects your essence and your path: elegant black, natural light wood, or classic dark brown. Each option is designed to complement your vision and add a distinctive finishing touch to your custom design.

The Last Touch: Finalize Your Masterpiece

You are one step away from completing your unique creation. Enter your customization preferences into the form and rely on Kali's craftsmanship to bring your design to life. You will receive an email with the order summary and, with your confirmation, our craftsmen will dedicate themselves to creating your personalized masterpiece.

Give Shape to Your Dream: Confirm Your Choice