Marfa Pink Texan Boots

Marfa Pink Texan Boots

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Marfa Pink Texan Boots

Marfa Pink Texan Boots

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Color: Pink
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Details and Materials

These boots are made with fine sheepskin, selected for its exceptional softness and resistance. Vegetable tanning, an ancient and natural method, uses plant extracts to treat the leather, ensuring not only minimal environmental impact but also an aged appeal that improves with age. This type of processing accentuates the natural texture of the leather, giving each pair of boots a unique character and comfort that molds perfectly to the foot

Measurements in reference to size 37 EU:

Leg height: 40 cm
Leg circumference: 34 cm
Details: Side ties and embroidery

Italian craftsmanship

Each Kali product represents an emblem of artisanal excellence, manifested through the dedication and mastery of Italian artisans. The scrupulous attention to every single detail is evident in the impeccable precision of the stitching and the elegance of the finishes. The choice of top quality materials, accompanied by rigorous certification, guarantees an ideal combination of style, comfort and durability. Choosing a Kali product means immersing yourself in a world where artisan tradition meets and merges with a modern and fashionable sensitivity, enhancing the uniqueness of each creation.

Product Care

To maintain the natural beauty and softness of your vegetable tanned sheepskin, start by gently removing any impurities with a soft cloth. To treat stains, it is best to use a light mixture of water and mild detergent, applying carefully using a cloth without rubbing. Avoid abrasive tools that could alter the unique texture of the leather. After cleaning, let the boots dry naturally, avoiding direct exposure to heat sources to preserve their shape and treatment.

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  • Italian craftsmanship

    Transform uncertainty into choosing the perfect look with confidence. Kali boots, with their unique craftsmanship, elevate your every outfit, distinguishing you on every occasion.

  • Prolonged Comfort

    Forget the discomfort of traditional heels. Our boots, designed for everyday comfort, allow you to face the day in style and without sacrificing the well-being of your feet.

  • Certified Sustainability

    With leather sourced from LWG-certified tanneries, you not only express refined style, but you also support environmentally friendly production practices.

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Extremely comfortable
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