Fatti a mano!

Texan Boots Dolly

Kali Shoes® boots are high quality handmade products Made in Italy. Shipping times may vary depending on the model, as each pair is made upon order.

The Dolly western boots embody the essence of Italian craftsmanship, crafted in exquisite red calf leather that boasts an irresistible glossy effect.

Every detail is a tribute to excellence: from the intricate embroidery on the shaft that captures the eye and enchants the soul, to the side pull straps that add a touch of functionality without sacrificing style. These boots are a work of art for your feet, entirely handcrafted by our expert Italian artisans.

Each stitch, every inch of leather, is a commitment to authenticity and quality, sealed by the "Handcrafted Made in Italy" label.

With the Dolly boots, you won't just walk; you'll leave an unforgettable imprint.